We all know that trends come and go, and even styles we expect to disappear forever always are revived in a fresh and revamped way. Currently, we are seeing just that with the return and transformation of brass. Now, sleeker and more eye-catching than ever before, this beautifully redone material is nothing like the brass seen in your grandmother’s home.

Enhance Cabinetry with Hardware

With countless styles, from knobs to bars, it is simple to find the perfect hardware to integrate subtle brass elements to put the finishing touches on an elegant kitchen. Brass hardware is an excellent way to add intrigue to a traditional or minimalist decor. When choosing coordinating cabinetry, we recommend choosing any shade of white or cream, gray, black, navy, or soft blue and green hues to balance the gold tone.

Streamline the Look with Fixtures

Harmonize your cabinetry and new hardware with brass faucet fixtures to create a seamlessly, stylish mix of “old” and “new.” Brass faucets pair exceptionally well against white marble, our favorite look, for an ultimate feeling of luxury and sophistication. Contrasting materials are key. Brass looks best mixed with elements of glass and stone on tile and countertops. Styles of brass faucets range from vintage to modern to match your dream kitchen decor.

Experiment with Decor Lighting

Illuminating your kitchen with brass light fixtures is a subtle way to bring the unique element of brass into your space, and it easy to interchange if you enjoy changing your style more frequently.

Make a Statement with Focal Pieces

The ultimate way to profoundly integrate brass into your kitchen is by using the metallic material as a countertop or range hood. Sleek brass on these large focal points is sure to make a unique and dramatic statement that will take any kitchen style to the next level.

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