Navy is one of the biggest luxury design trends for 2016, and what better time to incorporate this color into your home than summer. From kitchen cabinetry to accent pieces, create a look of elegance and depth by adding navy into your decor color scheme.

Complement a Neutral Palette

A color of royalty, navy blue is a rare hue that is complementary with a variety of colors and can be used as a neutral or an accent to lend any space a classic, and exquisite look. It looks extraordinarily luxurious paired with traditional furniture or antiques. Coupled with shimmering gold-toned metallics and crisp, white wood pieces, the color is a perfect neutral base for a balanced and classic space.

Highlight Unique Architecture

Navy is exceptional to accentuate other design architectural features, such as crown molding, exposed beams, and wainscoting. The dark shade on furniture makes a dramatic statement, while adding a cozier and more intimate feeling to any room. Stunning already on its on, navy is easy to style with a simple scheme of neutrals and minimal accessories for a very traditional style.

Add a Splash of Color

If you are looking to add refreshing and playful pops of color, navy is also marvelous to ground accents of kelly green, ruby red, fiery orange, or chartreuse on throw pillow or statement furniture pieces, like side tables.

What is your favorite way to incorporate navy into your home this season? Please tell us your opinion about this summer color trend in the comments below. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow Rittenhouse Homes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, for more luxury style inspiration.