The kitchen is the heart of your home: a workspace, a storage space, and a place to gather. The kitchen designers at Newtown’s luxury interior decor company, Rittenhouse Home, will ensure that your updated kitchen is modern, elegant, and functional. Whether you are completely remodeling your space or adding a few new touches, these 2018 design trends will inspire you.

Built-In Sinks

Built-in sinks are made of the same material as your countertops to create a beautiful, seamless look. This is an especially lovely choice when your countertops are a natural stone such as marble or granite.

Open Shelving

Add personality to your kitchen by thoughtfully decorating your open shelves. Choose houseplants, small accessories, elegant dinnerware, or anything else that shows off your style. Open shelves and glass-front cabinets can also add a sense of airiness to your space.

Bold Colors

Many modern kitchens are featuring strong color choices: tonal reds, earthy greens, and bold yellows. Additionally, dark shades of grey and rich navy blue are still on trend, as are sleek black fixtures and appliances.

Flat Front Cabinets

Consider a simple flat front cabinet for your new kitchen. These cabinets don’t have trim work or recessed panels; just a slim, modern door. If you prefer a more traditional style, consider creating a layered look by using flat front cabinets in part of your kitchen, while keeping ornate shaker cabinets in other areas.

Non-Open Floor Plans

A closed kitchen doesn’t have to feel confining. It can be cozy. You enjoy extra storage and workspace, and cooking messes are tucked out of sight. If you live in an open concept home, define your kitchen’s space with unique flooring, freshly tiled walls, or a new half wall of cabinetry.

Eat-In Kitchens

The traditional kitchen table encourages intimate gatherings, and a small dining table in your kitchen will invite guests to sit down and talk to each other. For another modern spin on an old classic, create a cute breakfast alcove with banquet seating, an elegant table, and a few modern-style chairs.

Start Your Next Kitchen Design Project

Rittenhouse Home will turn your design vision into a reality. Whether you need a total home redesign, the perfect accent piece, or gorgeous new kitchen cabinetry, our Newtown, PA interior design company will guide you from concept to installation. Visit our showroom today or call 215-310-0095 to start planning your next design project.