Getting ready in the morning, preparing for bed, unwinding in the bath or shower — we spend so much of our lives in the bathroom. This space should be a relaxing oasis where you take a break from your busy day and enjoy a moment of relaxation.

If your bathroom is tiny, though, it might feel more like navigating an obstacle course than stepping into a spa. The next time you renovate your small bathroom, try out these tips from Rittenhouse Home, the best interior design company near Delaware County!

Go Minimalist

A bathroom renovation is the perfect time to sort through the items you’ve gathered over the years and narrow them down to the products that you absolutely need. A clutter-free space always looks bigger!

Play With Light

Mirrors create the illusion of space, not just by reflecting what’s inside the room but by reflecting light. If your bathroom has a window, then place a large mirror across from it to brighten up your space. If it’s an interior bathroom, then use multiple mirrors to bounce light across the room.

Embrace Vertical Space

When floor space is limited, you need to think higher. Add hanging plants to your ceiling to offer a fresh, natural look without adding one more tripping hazard to your tiny space. Cute ladder shelves can also free up floor space!

Use Tiles to Trick the Eye

Thoughtfully-placed tiles can imply that your bathroom is larger than it truly is. For example, a subway tile installed vertically on the wall draws the eye upward and makes the ceiling appear higher, while a tile that transitions from wall to bath makes it hard to distinguish where one starts and the other ends.

Open Up Your Storage

Ditch the cupboards, and put in some gorgeous open shelving. This design turns your folded towels, magazines, and other items into instant decor. Worried that your toiletries aren’t exactly photo-friendly? No stress! Use woven baskets and vases to make your clutter chic.

Refresh Your Bathroom with Rittenhouse Home

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