Rittenhouse Home offers interior designer services for Philadelphia County homeowners that will help you to create an exceptional new space. If you need a little inspiration for your next bathroom renovation, then check out these on-trend tile choices:

Terrazzo May Be the New Normal

This marble mosaic flooring originated in the 1920s with sleek Art Deco architecture. Its intricate print lends a nostalgic yet infinitely fresh look to both highly-polished and homey bathrooms. Some industry leaders think that this style could become as standard as marble, wood, and concrete.

Geometric Patterns Are Going Monochrome

Geometric designs have been in style for a few years now. They’re moving away from brightly-colored patterns, however, in favor of a monochromatic color scheme with sleek lines. Look out for cubes, pointy triangles, and tiles with an illusionary effect. You can set the tone of your room by covering the whole floor, or you can add a point of interest by tiling one accent wall.

Retro Gridded Squares Offer 50s-Style Charm

Colorful square tiles with a 50s-style grid are coming back. Pair these vintage tiles with modern elements to create a charming, slightly quirky look. Not ready to commit to a pink bathroom? Try a sophisticated shade of navy.

Terracotta Tiles Provide Rustic Charm

Terracotta tiles give an earthy, rustic vibe to a space, and clever designers are finding innovative ways to incorporate this clay tile all over chic homes. Traditional orange terracotta will lend your remodeled bathroom the air of an exotic resort. Newer varieties include glazed Zellige tiles and terracotta made from dark clays.

Penny Round Pastels Will Brighten Your Space

Tiny tiles might be the next big thing! Penny round tiles, as well as small squares or hex-patterns, give a cool, 70s vibe to your bathroom while adding an interesting texture to the wall or floor. Choose a soft, pastel shade to brighten up a room without much natural light.

Have You Found the Right Tile for Your Dream Bathroom?

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