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I’m building a new home. I have an amazing architect and a custom builder, why do I need to hire a designer?


Ahh the million dollar question. For starters, you will need someone to advocate for you. You need a partner, a ghost writer.  Let me explain. Building a new home is like writing a novel. It has to tell a complete story and sometimes where you begin or start isn’t where you end up. You need a skilled professional to oversee and manage your project to keep you on track and keep the overall vision at the forefront at all times when making selections.


With so many choices out there and so many blogs, designers, and creative resources to refer to how do you even choose? How do you select your perfect palette? There is an art to blending trends. Otherwise your home will look like clip art that somewhat resembles your pinterest board but lacking the flow and consistency and more like a kaleidoscope. Farmhouse Chic in the kitchen and some version of shabby chic in the living room, ultra modern in the family room. YIKES! Yes you can have it all. You can check off all your interior feels, very carefully of course. The flip side of the above is what I call  tunnel vision and that looks like one blah trend that carries its way throughout your entire home. And just like that you are in a time wharp circa 2020. Why go through all the trouble only to set yourself up for a redo in a blink not to mention WW3 with hubby.


Most people don’t get to build a home more than once in their lifetime so all the selections and decisions that you are facing are HUGE and have a lasting impact!! Before you even step into your home you are going to have to make decisions on your bathroom tile, your plumbing fixtures, the species and color of your hardwood floors. I know deep breaths this is daunting for most people and often the number one reason people don’t build. The mere thought of the pressure is enough to send them scrolling through the MLS sites and settling on the resale that doesn’t have the finishes they want but has “good bones” and while they talk about the idea of making it their own someday. Ultimately they will just live with it because once they have survived the move and they settle in the hustle of life gets in the way and status quo is the norm. Oh and don’t kid yourself and think that your talented architect and your patient builder are going to round table every decision with you and present you with options and entertain conversations about your vision and how form and function need to be considered. They aren’t  thinking about the extra 2” of wall space you need to fit the perfect sectional you always dreamt about when envisioning family movie night in your new family room. This blueprint they have created is now their only roadmap so you need to be sure that those paths lead you to exactly what you want your expecting otherwise change order city which means $$$ out of pocket for you. Worse, often enough those afterthoughts aren’t even a possibility due to the structural limitations that now exist.


You wouldn’t apply for your dream  job without your resume attached that supports your qualifications and experience right? Why would you build your dream home without the same level of expertise. IMG_1310IMG_4934IMG_2466-2